Nova Beauty Salon – Branding

About This Project

Nova Beauty is a beauty salon run by my mother Lea Huuse who is essentially a one-woman orchestra.  She is extremely hard-working and is continuously educating herself and improving her skills to offer the best service for her clients. She has been a personal cosmetician for many since 2005.

I wanted to give her brand a new and modern appearance, so I did the initial re-branding when I just started to learn graphical design 6 years ago on my own. It was a simple and clean design and to my knowledge, I did it as best as I could at that time.

Now in 2020, I felt like my mother’s brand deserved much better visuals. Having more experience and training over these past years, I can offer her that. Thus this design project is my gift for her for this year’s Mother’s Day.

I want her brand to feel feminine, natural, and organic. I chose colors that are earthly and natural – such as flowers, skin tones, and lip colors. I preserved the clean looks for the logo and typeface, but I added some color and appearance for the face shape for it to look more organic.