Inspiring Home Office

The home office right now is not inspiring. My office is just a work desk that I share with everybody in our family at the corner of my open kitchen-living room. Because it is a shared space it is always messy and full of different stuff. How could anyone do some work there?

Because my desk is always so messy I do my stuff on the couch, but that is not very healthy to my posture and back.

I hope when we get to buy our forever home (someday soon) I will have my own room for my office. I know that I could get so much more work done. It is weird how a working space can affect so much how you do your work. Also having my own office room means I could do my work without the constant interruption by everything and everybody in my family. I love them but I got to work.

So right now all I can do is work with what I have and dream what I could have as my future home office.

Inspiring home office
Inspiring Home Office
This office is so pleasing and I would love to have it. Only thing is the window view. I think I have to settle with something else, but having this kind of office I think the view is not that important.
I have always dreamed having those kind of doors to my office. So if I have to I can close them but still see my family. Those kind of doors make it look so professional.

It would be so neat if my future office has a space to do crafts. My physical little creative space for me and my family.

A bookcase and comfy reading space is a must also. I think I need a big office house to fit everything.
A big window is a must. I have always loved gazing out the window. It has helped me to gather my thoughts through school and later on.

If you want to feel inspired despite the office situation I have a weekly series of quotes you should see:

What kind of home office inspires you? Please let me know, I would really like to know.

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